We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency here at Capitative Salon. To help ensure our mission for contentment for both employees and clients alike, it is only fair that we implement all-encompassing policies.

Salon Policies and Procedures 

Furthermore, we ask that all clients not wash their at least 48 hours prior to their scheduled appointment. Doing so may cause scalp sensitivity when applying color and may result in you being refused service that day. Certain services like global lightener, lightener retouch, relaxer, and relaxer retouch are not allowed to be performed under any circumstance if hair has been washed within 48 hours of service. We have the right to refuse service, and will execute that right if you fail to comply with this policy.


Minors (those under the legal adult age of 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Minors receiving services must have their parent/legal guardian sign a minor release form prior to receiving any and all chemical services. We also ask that you refrain from bringing in children unless they are receiving a service. Doing so will result in us refusing you service that day.

Scalp Conditions and Other Disorders

According to TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation), by which we are licensed, 83.102 Health and Safety Standards Code, we are unable to perform services on clients with certain scalp conditions and disorders including, but not limited to: "head lice, nits, ringworm, conjunctivitis; or inflamed, infected, broken, raised, or swollen skin or nail tissue; or an open wound or sore in the area to be serviced." Please be mindful of the safety of your service provider and the safety of other clients when booking your appointment and consult with a healthcare provider if you sense you may have a scalp condition/disorder.

*** Just as you reserve the right to choose us as your service provider, we reserve the right to refuse any client for any reason. Thank you for choosing Capitative Salon and Captivate the Imagination Today!

1.     15 Minute No Call No Show Policy

If a client is 15 minutes or later to his/her appointment and doesn't call, we mark the client as a “No Show.”

If a client calls and says he/she will be running at least 15 minutes late, we will look to see if there is time to maintain the appointment. If there is a client immediately following the late client, we must reschedule the first client who is running late. If we close or get off after the appointment ends, we must reschedule the appointment. Having to reschedule an appointment due to the client running late is also marked as a no-show. Often times, we walk out after the 15 minute mark, so please make sure to leave early enough to allot time for traffic and to arrive early to your appointment.

 What happens when you No Show?  

1st No Show: Any vouchers, discounts, promotions are void, and the client must pay full price for their service when rebooking. Any future services are ineligible for discounts. 

2nd No Show: The client must pay a non-refundable $30 deposit in order to book their next service. The $30 will be deducted from the total bill of their next service. Should the $30 exceed the total amount of their next service, they may apply the remaining amount to future services. You can pay the deposit by either calling us and giving us your First and Last name, Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, CVV/CVC Code, and Zip or you may click here or the Pay Deposit tab below Contact at the top of the screen to pay online.   

*3rd No Show: They are blacklisted from the salon and we will no longer take them as clients. 

*Clients who are blacklisted due to no shows have an opportunity to come to us again after the beginning of the new year, but must pay a deposit to book if blacklisted the previous year.

If a client is coming to us through Groupon or Living Social:

We let the client know that if they are going to be running 15 minutes late or later, we will mark their voucher as redeemed, and we will need to reschedule their appointment. As stated above for a 1st No Show offense, "any vouchers, discounts, promotions are void, and the client must pay full price for their service when rebooking."  If we do need to reschedule due to a no show, we will only accept the voucher for its paid value on their rescheduled appointment. ​

2. Cancellation Policy

​In an effort to accommodate everyone needing our services, we ask that you cancel or reschedule an appointment 24 hours in advance. When you cancel or reschedule your appointment last minute, it leaves our service providers with an empty time slot that could have been filled with another appointment. This costs the salon and your service provider a substantial amount of time and money.

Cancellations less than 3 hours​ in advance will result in the same repercussions as a NO SHOW​.   

3.    Redo vs. Refund Policy

We strive for excellence in our salon and we are desperate to make you, as a client, happy with the services we provide. If something just doesn't look right to you, let your stylist/chem tech know immediately and they will be happy to fix it for you. In the case that your stylist/chem tech isn't able to fix the situation, we will refer you to a more experienced service provider. We don't offer refunds, except in extreme cases, and all refund requests must be directed and approved through the owner. Instead, we offer redoes, EXCEPT FOR COLOR CORRECTIONS. Color correction clients sign a waiver in the salon that states the terms of their service.

4. Client Referral Terms

We love it when you talk about us. If you loved your service and want to tell your friends, family, or someone on the street - we will give you 25% off your next service and they will receive 25% off their first service! It's a WIN-WIN! Clients referred to us must be full paying clients (less the 25% off) and mention your name when booking their appointment. Clients must be first time clients in order for you to receive the 25% off. Services must be rendered and the transaction completed on the referred client first before we are able to give you your referral discount. Referrals are unlimited. Use 2 referrals in one visit for a maximum of 50% off or keep them for following visits! 


5. Clients With Vouchers (Groupon or Living Social) Who Ask For Services Other Than Those Listed/Promoted

Your voucher has two separate values: a paid value (which is what you paid for the voucher) and a promotional value (what the voucher is worth beyond the paid value according to the promotion listed). We will honor your voucher for its paid value, and you will be required to pay the difference for the the full price of the service in the salon. All of our service prices can be found here or click on the Services Tab. 


Groupon Breakdown Paid Values:

Women’s Haircut & Style - $35

Women’s Haircut & Partial HL - $79 ($32 Haircut/$47 Color)

Women’s Haircut & Full HL - $89 ($32 Haircut/$57 Color)

Men’s Cut and Style - $13

Men’s Cut & Color - $23 ($13 Cut/$10 Color)

6. Patch Test and Color Service Information

We ask that all clients book a patch test/allergen alert test 48 hours prior to their appointment to determine whether or not they are allergic to our color products. If you choose not to conduct a patch test, you must sign a patch test waiver in the salon prior to any and all color services. More information can be found in the video below.​​